Lets talk Wardrobe!

How many times have you scheduled a photo session with you and your family and you're sitting there thinking..."What do we wear?!" or maybe "Okay now to shop for a family session outfit, but what goes best together?" ah or my personal favorite, "Oh crap, our session is tomorrow and I have nothing for any of us to wear." If you're like me something along those lines has popped into your head once or twice and it is STRESSFUL. This is exactly why I began building a client wardrobe and it is a huge part of being a full service, luxury portrait photographer.

My beginning focus when starting my client wardrobe was moms. I wanted to help them in feeling as beautiful as possible and know that they are taken care of during their session. I now have over 40 options to select from and it continues to grow as I do. Next I moved onto the child portion, and there are endless options from newborn all the way up to child size 14 for both girls and boys. Finally, I have began to add in a few pieces for dads, because they are just as important! Now I don't have nearly as many options for them as I do for mother and child but there is enough variation that it still counts, and don't worry, just like the others this selection will grow too.

Selecting pieces isn't easy, it takes time and here's why. When selecting anything for the closet, I dig deep into reviews and sizing factors because having options that can fit a size range are key. Then there is the dress style and fit, finding styles that are bump friendly but also flattering on those that are not expecting is another thing I look at along with material, because none of us want to be in something that is see through for a family session. Even though this is a little time consuming I love finding pieces for my clients to enjoy, one of my favorite places to search is Baltic Born.

When coordinating outfits it can be a bit challenging when you have a family of four or more, but to be honest that is one of my many favorite parts about session planning. You never want to many patterns or colors going on at a time, a limit of three colors and or two patterns is a great mix! Staying with simple floral patterns and a soft lace for texture are ideal, the days of plaid and checkers are fading. My favorite color combos are white and blue, but always with a khaki pant/short for the men, NEVER jeans! Jeans for a session is a whole other soap box I could talk on, but in short it is always better to stay away from them (and cargo shorts too, eeee!) and stick with flat front shorts or a pair of Good Fellow pants.

In the coming weeks prior to their session clients are able to schedule a time where they can come into the studio to look at and try on wardrobe options, we start with mom and then pair dad and the little ones once mom chooses her favorite dress. Once everyone has been styled I steam and bag their selections so they are ready and waiting for their session date. Sounds easy doesn't it, that's because it is! Now you're probably wondering, "what about shoes?" who needs those! While some sessions shoes are needed and a basic 'dressy sandal' and sperry for men are perfect nine times out of 10 clients, kids included are barefoot, even if their session is outdoors.

We've covered the basics of why I began offering a client wardrobe and I hope this eases your mind a little more that you find yourself scheduling your next session with me at Courtney Eleanor Photography.

I would LOVE to capture your family and create a stress free, portrait experience.

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