My 5 "must haves" mom and newborn edition.

Well, this is long overdue, like about 16 months overdue but here we are now! These are the products I found made life a little easier for both baby and myself, honestly some I wish I knew about, had or even existed with my first three. Technically more than five but they're categorized.

Remember how I said in my last post that there are just SO many things out there now for moms and babies that it is overwhelming and everyone has an opinion? Hey, hi, hello, here I am with my opinion! Now I know what works for one doesn't always work for the rest, trust me four kids and all four were very different on what they *liked* as a newborn. These are just a few of my favorite things and my honest reviews on them.

Carriers. Oh my goodness there are quite a few options from slings to the ones with all of the annoying straps and how do I tie this thing on me carrier. Well, those of you that follow along on Instagram (if you're reading this right now that's probably how you got here) know I have already shared my favorite wrap for baby wearing.

Three words. Konny Baby Wrap. Why? It only has ONE piece! Okay, technically two there is a strap you can tie on that has a pocket but personally, I never used it. It is so easy to use, convenient, and user friendly that I purchased two. One for the house and one for the car. I carried Charlotte in it from 1 week up until now, yes I still wear her at 16 months old. You can nurse while wearing it, if you have more than one, it is great for the park, food shopping (when you're not doing curbside) is by far easier without the car seat and bonus no one can try and touch your little one. So many bonuses. All you do is it on like you put on your shirt, place baby in properly and ta-da! There are two options for the wrap, a fall/winter which is solid fabric or spring/summer which is a netted fabric that keeps both you and baby cooler. Don't worry, they also have super cute designs, of course I went with beige though.

Moving on to my next favorite - newborn clothes. Yes I know there are all of these adorable *must have* outfits but this one is truly a must have, and its a bundle. I had sleep gowns for all four babies but Lou Lou and Company sleep gowns took the cake on more levels than just the gown itself. The gown has built in mittens and can be tied at the bottom which makes night time changes a whole lot easier, no snaps or zippers just toss it together and you're done. They are incredibly soft and stretchy too. Charlotte was in the gown until 3 months then I moved her to the shirt/pant set and come summer it will be their jumpers. Not only did I fall in love with their clothes but also their swaddles, hats and mittens too. So it made the most sense to purchase the "ultimate newborn bundle" because it included all of the things. The swaddle is super stretchy like all of their things and includes a little "how to" on the tag. Like most things baby they have all of the colors/patterns you can think of and new designs release pretty regularly too. My favorite, surprise surprise was the Finley because it is pure white.

Can we chat about nursing favorites, because these two things were life changing.

I had clogged ducts more times than I care to count with 3/4 of my littles and if you've experienced that pain you know what I mean and then add on the fear of thank you! I found the lansinoh products back with Bennett (number 3) and my what a relief they brought. The cooling gels were wonderful for the first few weeks of nursing (and even a few times throughout the winter when she was older) when things become dry and crack. Instant relief. (Fin tip, toss them in the freezer for a bit before use, you can thank me later).

The TheraPearls, enjoy hot or cold. Those are wonderful for clogged ducts and now i find myself using them as boo boo pads for the kids - multi purpose!

Moses basket. Not only is it practical but it is also not an eye sore! Thanks to Instagram ads while I was pregnant with Charlotte I discovered a company called Design Dua. All of their baskets are hand made and I love that! I wanted something that was easy to move between floors and not bulky like a pack-n-play, which I have had numerous of and hated all of them. This was perfect, you can purchase it with all of the different things which is what I did of course or just the basket itself. I kept the stand up next to our bed for nighttime and carried the basket downstairs during the day, easy, compact, and again not an eye sore. Personally I added on the Moses pod insert too and used this until she outgrew it at about 2 months, it is similar to a dock a tot just a nicer price point.

"Shhhhh, baby is sleeping" famous last words right? While most babies adapt to their environment and can sleep through noise it's nice to have just a little bit of a buffer. Funny enough one of my clients introduced me to Dohm and Rohm during their newborn session while I was pregnant with Charlotte. (Thank you Rachel)! The Dohm stays home in her room while the Rohm, you guessed it, travels. Conveniently just attaches to the car seat and has a rechargeable battery you can plug into the car. While I don't use either at all anymore for at home, you will find both options at the studio this spring.

Lastly, if you don't have a need or interest in any of the other things above, this one I promise you is the most amazing I truly wish I knew about it when I began my motherhood journey. Bonus, it takes up zero space, you don't need to worry about trying to find it like you do all of the other things when you've packed them away between babies and it has brought me the most piece of mind since discovering. What is it? Well, it's an app. The Wonder Weeks app. Technology has come a long way and still continues to change, this app helps you track baby's leaps. Leaps? Yes, leaps. You know how there are times where your little one is crying or really cli