To All The Dads - You Don't Want To Miss These Moments

They won't be this little for long. Before you know it, that little girl, you'll be dancing with her as she wears her wedding dress or that little boy, you'll watching as he does the same with his mother on his wedding day. You'll be standing there thinking to yourself, 'where has the time gone?' you'll want to reminisce on when you hears those little feet running to greet you at the door after a long day at work, or those loud giggles as the tickle monster attacks.

What if you could freeze time, and daddy's little girl was always little, you could hand them that moment in a book and look back on for years. Often we wonder what portraits will doo for us, what purpose do they truly serve. That's the thing though, they aren't just for us. They are for our children, our children's children, and the generations after. To preserve those memories to continue to pass on.

I don't have many portraits with my parents as a child, I wish I did. To have those memories with both my father and mother, I would give anything. That is why it has become so important to me to document those moments for my clients. No matter the chapter you are in, maternity, newborn, toddlers, older children they are ALL important.

Time is a thief!

These are moments in time you simply cannot get back, and one day they will be faded memories. But photographe, they allow you to relive those moments to remember every tiny detail, feel those same emotions you felt on that day they were captured. All of the things that otherwise may have been forgotten can be remembered just by looking back through those photos.

I know it’s an investment, trust me. But here's the thing, you aren’t just paying for photos. You are paying for an experience that is one-of-a-kind. You’re paying for your memories to be protected and cherished for a lifetime. And you are paying for your time- time that is so so precious right now.

To all of my new parents, or new parents-to-be, it's hard to think about right now, especially if your little one has not yet arrived but that baby, your baby, is going to grow and change so quickly. Newborn images are the most time sensitive of them all. While in that moment, when your baby is new and you are settling into your new life with a baby, it is crazy, exhausting, sometimes loud. But those are some of the days you will miss the most oneday.

To my seasoned dads, you know just how quickly that first year goes by. How that little button nose grows faster and faster every day. How that little had that could just barely grasp your pinky finger can now hold your hand and walk by your side.

As much as you’ll want to, you can't go back in time. But you will be able to grab an album or see them on the walls of your home every day, reminding you of just how special this moment was as you became a family.

An easy, stress-free experience

Here's the thing. I strive to make your session a seamless and easy experience. This may be one of your first outings as a new family of three or more. I want that first outing to be as stress free as possible, I want it to be memorable, but in the best of ways. To be celebrating your new growing family and cherishing the moments and to connect as a couple and family.

When you arrive at my studio for your session, I will have everything ready. All you need is a pair of pants. The Beauty Box will be here ready and waiting to pamper your wife, while she is being taken care of, I will begin photographing your new little one. Over the next hour you are welcome to stay and watch, go out and grab a coffee, or even stay and take a nap! (You would be surprised at how many dads catch up on sleep while they are here, so maybe bring yourself a pillow). This is your time to relax, so please make the most of it!

I have thought of every single little detail, including a yummy snack from the bakery. I promise that the entire process will not only be easy but actually enjoyable. Your part usually only takes about 30-45 minutes (depending on siblings) But most importantly, I want your portrait experience with me to be stress free. I want to assure you that your wife will remember this day as one of the most relaxing as she transitions into her new role, she will feel beautiful, refreshed and cared for that day.

design + installation done for you!

After your session, a few days later you will receive a viewing gallery, where you can view at your leisure. From there we will schedule a time to sit down and design an album or wall art with your favorite images. What does this mean? It means no more listening to your wife ask you over and over 'what images do we print?' or 'Do you like this here or there?' or 'We need to sit down and go through these images.'

Want to hear the best part? I will even come and install your frames for you. So you don't need to lift a finger through this entire process! I have custom software to show you just what everything will look like in your home, what the best wall and frame sizes are and what frame colors best compliment each other and your home.

I understand this is a big decision, but as a mother of four there is nothing I love and value more than seeing my little ones grow over the years in albums or seeing their sweet smiles on my walls. Afterall, this past year we spent a lot of time in our homes, looking at our walls. Wouldn't you rather view memories over HL framed quotes? I want you to be able to sit down with your children once they have grown and look back on their childhood with them.

Only a limited number of sessions are available per month and often are booked months in advance. To be sure you save your spot, contact me for your newborn and family sessions.

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