Welcome To The World

A new baby. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, each new chapter is just as important as the one before. Documenting each baby is something a lot of us parents don't always think to do and that's okay, it's never to late to start. To those of you that do, you deserve a round of applause.

When you're expecting so many people shout off their opinions on what they say you *need* for when your baby arrives, most of which never gets touched. There are so many baby products and gadgets out there these days that it is honestly overwhelming! Less is more. It took me four kids to realize this but it's so true. Instead of investing in things you think you *need*, invest in their future, your future with them.

So many times I look back and think, I wish I had family and newborn images from those first few weeks as a family or 4 and 5, but the truth is, we can't go back in time. So with our last baby I chose to invest in only what we truly needed and portraits. Why? It's so simple, they are only little for so long. While in the moment those days are long I wanted to be able to look back through albums and reminisce, to remember just how little.

That's exactly what I did. 

When choosing someone to capture these moments it is a decision that is more than just a price. This is why I love connecting over the phone with each client to go over my client experience. As I have said above, these days are long and sometimes the nights are even longer the last thing you want to worry about is all of the "to-dos" that typically go along with a portrait session. You know the, "what will everyone wear", "ugh this doesn't fit post baby, now I need to go to the mall" and "how do I get myself and all these kids ready and leave on time?!" those worries.

It's simple, I take care of all of that! Yes, ALL OF IT.

Getting ready, also have that covered. All of my clients have access to adding on professional hair and makeup. 98% of my newborn mothers opt in for this because 1. it is one less stress to worry about and 2. Noelle knows how to make you look and feel like you've had a full night of sleep for your session.

We've gone over the stress-free reasons, let's chat about a few other things like timeless portraits. Props, no thank you, not a fan. While I used to use all sorts of trendy props, stepping away from that is one of the best things I have done for my clients. I personally feel they date images and take away from baby. Moving focus over to baby and family portraits has been wonderful, capturing the "in the moment" images for each session, I promise you is well worth passing up all of the props. Now not everyone feels the same way and that is okay, again this is why selecting a photographer is more than just what you are spending.

To my expecting families and those hoping to be expecting soon, it is best to inquire and book your newborn photographer early in your second trimester. Most photographers only take on a small number of session per month, I am one of those. I do this so I can focus on one family at a time and give each of them my full attention from the initial consultation, wardrobe planning, session itself to selecting images. I enjoy building the relationships that I do with my clients and one of the most common ways I do this is through The First Year Collection, the most popular of those that I offer as it follows the journey from pregnancy through baby's first birthday. This collection leaves you with a cohesive selection of images from all of those first year milestones, making creating a beautiful album or wall gallery seamless.

Investing in a portrait session is about more than investing in the session itself, it's about investing in the memories that you will be able to enjoy for generations.